elisa 600 and elisa 800 now with new AnaConDa® function

Daily awakening trials, propofol infusion syndrome, or timely neurological assessment of ventilated, intensive care patients–there are many reasons for the use of volatile anaesthetics in the context of intensive care treatment.

This medical trend has now been taken up by standards organisations, which defined special requirements for ventilation equipment used together with systems for delivering anaesthetic gases. Salvia medical has responded to this challenge and has entered new territory with the successful implementation and certification of the intensive care ventilators elisa 600, 800 and 800VIT to comply with the new DIN EN ISO 80601-2-13 standard, “Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of an anaesthetic workstation.” The objective was not only the safe operation of the innovative intensive care ventilation devices and their effects on materials. Rather, the new anaesthesia delivery function also compensates the inspiratory and expiratory resistances of the Anaesthetic Conserving Device System and thereby avoids extending the mean expiration time.

The Anaesthetic Conserving Device System (or AnaConDa® for short) consists of an evaporator made from porous material. The liquid volatile anaesthetic channelled through this component evaporates solely on the basis of the patient’s breath temperature and is routed to the patient with the inspiratory flow. A reflector made from activated carbon fibre physically stores the exhaled volatile anaesthetic and releases it again for the next inspiration. In this manner, 90% of the exhaled gas can be captured and re-used. The remaining 10% is channelled into the room air via the expiration valve, using a fluorine absorber. AnaConDa® also has an effective electrostatic bacterial/viral filter as well as a heat and moisture exchanger.

After activating the anaesthetic delivery function on the configuration level, the corresponding icon is available in the patient interface area. Once the utilised AnaConDa® system (with either 100ml or 50 ml of dead space volume) has been selected, the anaesthetic delivery function can be activated. When the function is active, the intensive care ventilator compensates the flow resistance of the evaporator and the fluorine absorber.

Thus, elisa 600, 800, and 800VIT are the first intensive care ventilators that are approved for use as anaesthetic workstations.

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