elisa 600 and elisa 800 now with new CuffscoutTM function

The continuous monitoring and control of the blocked cuff is one of the measures to reduce the VAP risk of mechanically ventilated patients in the intensive care unit. However, the previously applied intermittent cuff control with a pressure gauge is not fully adequate to counteract this risk.

For this reason, we have equipped our bestselling products elisa 600 (option) and elisa 800 with the new Cuffscout™ function. It maintains and monitors the cuff pressure you or the user has specified. In addition, our devices immediately recognize defective cuffs and leaks and have an algorithm for cough detection to further simplify the individual cuff adjustment.

In practical application, the Cuffscout function has two operating modes:

·         The "static" cuff mode continuously monitors and maintains the user-specified cuff pressure.

·         In the "automatic" mode, both elisa 800 and elisa 600 monitor the respective ventilation situation and automatically make the necessary adjustments to the cuff pressure according to user-defined criteria.

In both modes, any malfunctions that may occur, such as leakage and defective tube cuffs can be defined in advance and stored as alarm settings. The automatic cough strength monitoring recognises critical situations and adjusts the pressure level.

True to our claim, "Intensive care ventilation - simple, clear and verifiable," the new elisa 600 and elisa 800 functionality offers a number of user benefits:

·         Individual adjustment of the Cuffscout™ function to various needs

·         Cuffscout™ modes can be set according to department requirements

·         Individual alarm configuration for potential malfunctions

·         Automatic cough strength monitoring

·         Temporary cuff overblocking option for an adjustable time interval

·         Increased safety and reduced training needs thanks to simple design

·         Reduction of VAP risk and its consequences

This leaves you more time to concentrate on the essential–your patients!

Would you like to find out more about the extensive functionalities of elisa 600 or elisa 800? Then we invite you to get in touch with us to learn more ...