elisa 800 opens up new diagnostic possibilities in intensive care ventilation

Featuring the PEEPFINDER and the WEANING ANALYZER, the elisa 800 ventilator offers unheard-of diagnostic possibilities in the intensive care environment. They help users set the correct positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) and determine the appropriate moment for weaning the patient from ventilation. Thanks to these new functions, it is easier to make accurate therapeutic decisions.

The elisa 800 intensive care ventilator is the first device of a product family to be introduced to a professional audience this fall. It opens up entirely new possibilities for respiratory therapy and intensive care ventilation. The device combines the latest technology with intelligent functions that make even complex applications accessible to users in a simple and verifiable manner. This ultimately benefits patients because it allows the therapy to be adjusted to their precise needs.

We look forward to presenting the future of intensive care ventilation at the Congress of the German Society for Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine at the Exhibiton and Congress Center Bremen.

26th to 29th of March 2014, Hall 5, Stand 103