India is everywhere

Even an emergency landing due to landing -gear problems could not stop the launch of the new ventilation platform elisa 800 and elisa 800VIT. In spite of the challenge to ensure the health care of 1.259 billion citizens, the problem areas in connection with intensive care ventilation in the clinics of New Delhi, Calcutta or Chandigarh are almost identical. Lung protection, prevention of VILI (ventilator-induced lung injury), as well as solutions for weaning, ARDS and COPD were the focus of the professional exchange. Accordingly the comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities of the new intensive respirator led in many cases to unbelievable astonishment. Especially the combination of a premium class intensive care ventilator with non-invasive lung monitoring of the latest EIT technology enables changes in the lung function to be continually observed. The effects of the modified breathing set up can be seen and the VILI individually treated. At the end of a busy and exciting week, regarding ventilation all participants were agreed - India is everywhere!