Innovation needs space

Since 1960, we have been developing and producing innovative respiratory therapy, anesthesia and ventilation equipment at our Kronberg site. To this day, visitors are regularly amazed at the well-known companies for which we produce innovative products that we have developed as so-called OEM products. But how can a company remain innovative in the long term? Innovation, speed and agility not only require a special "mindset", but also a willingness on the part of the company and its employees to actively shape permanent change. But innovation also needs space. Our 6,400 square meter research, development and production center is not only a clear commitment to our employees and their comprehensive skills, it is also a clear commitment to Germany and the Taunus region as a business location. Whether it is the in-house laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility, simulation rooms for ventilation or creative laboratories for developers - the new building reflects Löwenstein Medical's commitment to innovation and creativity. With the move to Steinbach, change is now once again on the horizon. On the way to the future, it will not be the last change.