Practice what you preach.

You can talk a lot. But true learning is by experience. That's why out training reflects practical life. Do it yourself. Work on cases. Discuss solutions in a team. And always take a look at your own everyday tasks. That's how SALVIA training programs work. By keeping as close as possible to the real world of intensive ventilation and respiratory therapy.

We start by introducing the product in the hospital. We are always available for any questions that might arise. We provide comprehensive training on the subject of mechanical ventilation. Human. Close. Experienced.

If everything works properly - fine. But in order for things to work properly, you have to have people who know how to apply technology correctly. We train specialized hospital personnel so as to enable them to act as coaches. To act as the interface between man and machine. In our training sessions, we focus both on technical details and on the human point of view. We discuss possible hurdles and we show the easiest way to turn technology into a partner. A partner for life.

Of course our training qualifies you to instruct other employees according to MPG. This is the idea of training the trainer.

Ticked off. Dealt with.

First Line. This is prompt and competent support from our in-house medical engineers. In these training sessions, you learn how to perform equipment check-ups, carry out minor maintenance or repair work and correctly assess problems.
Second Line. In these training sessions, you dip deep into the technical DNA of our products. You receive intensive training on how to perform system maintenance and repair work.

Learning for life.

What is important in your professional position? Life experience, knowledge of human nature, and medical competence. Things you already have.

What RespiCode can add is professional supervision, practical implementation of your case studies, analysis, and a comprehensive medical update. Train and try out yourself and your current cases on the RespiCoach. The experience gained will be of huge benefit to life.