Anesthetic induction

The workflow employed in anesthesiology departments and ICUs for anesthetic induction or intubation often differs considerably. In OR preparation rooms, patients are preoxygenated via the breathing circuit and ventilation is then provided with the manual breathing bag. This permits the anesthesiologist to set FIO2, the desired flow, and maximum ventilation pressure, while monitoring the ventilation parameters with the equipment. In contrast, intensive care units often rely on a simple resuscitation bag for preoxygenation and ventilation. The inspiratory oxygen supply and total flow are fixed and monitoring is limited. The manual ventilation option of our intensive care ventilator makes it possible to retain anesthesia techniques that involve preoxygenation with adjusted FIO2 and leakage compensation in case of mask ventilation.

Application areas of anesthetic induction:

  • Intensive care units
  • IMC
  • Anethesia
  • Emergency room