elisa. The future of intensive care ventilation.

The elisa product family has a common denominator: Simplicity at the highest technological standard.

Simple application creates safety for medical staff and patients. To be a technological pioneer means two things to SALVIA: natural, gentle ventilation and a sustainable outlook. The elisa product family is based on this principle of sustainability. Upgrades create smooth transitions between the models, while software updates guarantee our products’ long service life at the highest technological level.

Innovative. Intuitive. Sustainable. The elisa family.



elisa 600 | 800 | 800VIT
The premium range in intensive care ventilation

The platform concept enables situation-based configuration. The flexible system architecture allows for integrating future requirements as well as medical and technical developments.

The devices offer a full bandwidth of diagnostic and therapeutic tools for innovative and intuitive ventilation, from common clinical standards to our ventilator-integrated impedance tomography (VIT), which remains unique in the world. 

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elisa 800 VIT –
a new chapter in the history of intensive care ventilation.

elisa 800 VIT is the world's first intensive care ventilator featuring an integrated electrical impedance tomography system. This non-invasive lung monitoring technology implemented in elisa 800 VIT makes it possible for the first time to directly visualize ventilator-associated complications, which can then be treated using the same device.


elisa 300 | 500
The new compact range in intensive care ventilation with the latest turbine technology

The turbine technology enables maximum peak inspiratory flows of up to 300 l/min and higher ventilation pressures. At the same time, noise emissions and maintenance costs have been significantly reduced.
Daily requirements in intensive care ventilation are complex and wide-ranging. A comprehensive functional platform, state-of-the-art technology, flexible device configuration and intuitive operation support you in your daily routine work and in critical ventilation situations:

  • in the ICU, the intermediate care unit, the emergency department or during in-hospital transports
  • with ARDS, COPD or in prolonged weaning, in high-flow oxygen therapy, invasive or non-invasive ventilation
  • in modern ventilation modes, oesophageal pressure measurement with mesh nebulizer, loops, PEEPfinder® or weaning tools


flexible for the future of ventilation

The hardware of the elisa 800 intensive care ventilator is a living platform that remains open for future technological advances and offers many options for expansion. Thanks to regular software updates, the system remains consistently optimized for practical use.

We can't predict how you will ventilate patients in five to ten years, but the ventilation platform elisa is designed to accommodate the technical and application-related requirements of the future.

The flexible system architecture permits easy integration of future requirements along with medical and technical developments–flexible, expandable, ready for the future.


  • Powerful hardware
  • Modular software concept
  • Expandable ventilation architecture
  • Versatile interfaces
  • Intelligent cable management
  • State-of-the-art power management
  • Integrated ventilation protocol


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Valve Bar

One patient is done, the next one is waiting: Large numbers of patients and high workloads are part of everyday clinical reality. A dependable and practical hygiene concept can speed things up. Thanks to the valve bar of the elisa family, patient-side connections can be quickly replaced, effectively preventing cross-contamination. Highly durable long-lived materials guarantee the device’s functionality even under the most demanding conditions such as mechanical impact and repeated autoclaving.

That in turn benefits, patients, staff, and budget alike:
The expiration sensors no longer need to be calibrated and the costly replacement of disposable sensors has been eliminated, which saves time and ensures economical reuse of parts.


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Power Management

State-of-the-art power management ensures a safe energy supply even in cases of power failure, voltage fluctuations or lengthy intensive care transports. The intelligent control of the power supply prevents memory effects and makes laborious battery maintenance and complex charging strategies superfluous.


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Easy Access Bar

The Easy Access Bar of the elisa intensive care ventilators let you make the desired settings with accuracy and ease, even in stressful situations. The touchscreen operation gives you intuitively understandable and unmistakable feedback on the value settings. Since all numerical values and setting parameters are always arranged in the same location, operation is an easy routine that is not error-prone in high-stress situations.
The absence of conventional control knobs makes operation even easier. The entire surface can be disinfected, allowing for hygienic use with minimal work effort.


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Instant View Technology

The Instant View Technology lets you intuitively understand a patient’s situation, with immediate display of any trends and necessary interventions. Discrepancies are visible right away without having to read individual measurement values.


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